Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kevin McHale Interesting Facts and NBA Biography

By Jeff Sullivan

 With astoundingly long arms tacked onto a awkward 6'10" frame, Kevin McHale was one of basketball's strangest physical specimens. Yet, it was this body that provided him with one of the most devastating low post games in NBA history.
While most front court players relied on brute force, Kevin McHale's game was pure artistry. When he got the ball near the basket, he could take it in for a layup or shoot over the tallest men in the NBA. With his wide assortment of moves and lightning quickness, McHale had endless options. It didn't matter that his game looked funny, winning basketball games gave him the last laugh.

Winning meant everything to Kevin McHale. He once broke a bone in his foot in March of 1987. After missing five games, he came back but sprained both his ankles in the following weeks. Despite the excruciating pain, he played right through the playoffs, averaging 21.1 points per game. Former Celtics coach once said, "Winning meant more to McHale than getting credit for it."
McHale weighed less than many of the men who guarded him, but he managed to get good position on offense. His secret was to back into his man, staying down and keeping his rear end below his defenders' thighs. The lower center gravity gave him the leverage to move at will against heavier men and put him in a position to make a strong move when he got the ball.
Originally a sixth man off the Celtics bench, Kevin Mchale and his Celtic teammates Larry Bird and Robert Parish formed one of the most dominating front courts ever in the NBA. Kevin was one of the "fearsome threesome" that formed one of the most storied dynasty teams in basketball.
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