Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blake Griffin - A Superstar at the Horizon

Blake Griffin appears to be a flat-out certainty for NBA Rookie of the Year honours this season, assuming of course that the status quo remains for the remainder of the long season ahead. The main question is where is his limit? No one knows that now...

Averaging 20.7ppg and 11.6rpg whilst shooting 53.1% from the field, the only flaws you could point out in his game would be his sub-par free throw shooting (58.1%) and lack of shot-blocking prowess despite amazing athleticism. On a nightly basis he is the focus of opposing defences -- and most have yet to find a way to slow him down.
Clippers rookie forward Blake Griffin told that if the league wants him in this year's dunk contest, he'll participate.In addition to a stellar all-around season, Griffin has routinely made highlight reels for his athletic jams.
I hope so!

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