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NBA 2K12 - Demo Impressions

By []Jason A Flowers

The demo is short, maybe ten minutes long if that. I barely learned the controls. Luckily I wrote them down. I did play the NBA 2K12 demo on my Xbox 360, Controls: LT-dribble/shoot, LB-pick control, LS-move player, RS-shot stick, RT-sprint, RB-icon pass, Y-post up, B-fake pass, A-pass, X-shot. The controls weren't bad. They were responsive regarding game play and did what they were suppose to do. The demo being short had more to do with me not playing well. That is until I just started throwing up jumpers with Dirk Nowitzki lol.

After you press start from the main menu screen your immediately shown a cut scene of superstars from the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks. I didn't get to choose a team or anything. I was just thrust into the game after the cut scene ended. I ended up with Dallas. The pre game spectacle was nice from a visual standpoint using special effects and swooping camera angles to make it seem like live TV. As soon as the game started I was immediately impressed and disappointed.

I was impressed by NBA 2K12's fluid visuals and real life animations on each player. What I wasn't impressed with was the sound design. No commentators and the sound effects sound unrealistic. The players faces on close inspection looked like waxed dummies with a zombified dead look. Completely emotionless player faces in NBA 2K12. That and the demo being short are the worst aspects I can take away from the this game. The music in the demo wasn't very good either.

As far as the actual match went it was Dallas versus Miami like in the Finals. I was Dallas. Early on I was trying to do way too much. I finally realized what Dallas did in real life. Just let Dirk shoot jumpers and that is what I did. Dirk couldn't miss. I hit two 3's and three 2's. I hit the last 2 with like a second left in the short demo and won. All my shots were taken with Dirk Nowitzki and he didn't miss once. I was even hitting jumpers off balance fade always like Dirk does in real life. It was fun but short lived. You only play one short quarter then the game abruptly ends. You're then shown a promo page of all the full game features that are in NBA 2K12. And that was it for the demo. Thanks for reading.

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NBA Lockout - Check Out What Is Next For NBA's Highest Paid Players

By []Anita Fowler

 The Employment Outlook today is tough for many people. According to The United States Labor Department, the average medium yearly salary is anywhere from $40,00 to $65,000. Depending on where you live, and your occupation. With two adults working, it's just enough to pay the rent, cars, insurance etc. But what if you earned a multi-million dollar salary, like many of our professional athletes. The NBA Teams are in a battle, a game of tug of war. This battle is between The Owners, and The Players. There are no real rules, and neither side is budging, as the season is slowly slipping by. With pre-season games canceled, and no agreement, Commissioner Stern now has kept his promise to cancel the first two weeks of regular season play. All NBA games, now canceled until November 14. Los Angeles Lakers, Derek Fisher is the Players Union President, and has been quoted saying that, "the players are not playing basketball because we are on strike, we are not playing because, The Owners have locked us out." The 1998-1999 NBA season was reduced to only 50 games. This was a strike. An agreement was not reached until January 1999. This Lockout could be as long. Some are saying there may not be a season at all.

 While most NBA players make million dollar salaries, not all can afford to go an entire year without a paycheck. Rashard Lewis, Kobe Bryant, Paul Gasol, are some of the highest paid players. Lewis has a contract that pays him $118 million over six years. While there are plenty of players that are close to the minimum salary of $473,000. With that said, NBA Players are still in a far better position than the thousands of hourly workers that depend on the NBA's 6-month season. They are the workers that are employed at the arenas. Security, ushers, parking lot attendants, and restaurant employees. Most arenas are surrounded by hotels and restaurants that depend upon the basketball patrons. Orlando Florida, may be home to Disney World, and a hot vacation spot, but Orlando will feel the pinch as well. Last minute details are stalled for the NBA's 2012 All Star Games. The Games, are set to be hosted by Orlando Magic in their new Amway Arena. The All Star Games cover an entire week of games and events mainly held at Amway. Final decisions may be on hold.

So what are some of the players doing? Le Bron James was spotted playing football at his old High School in Akron, St. Vincent-St. Mary's. James had been reported talking to The NFL. This is not true. Kobe Bryant has been linked to rumors that he may sign a contract in Italy. Many Fans really do not have much sympathy for the Players or Owners. Together they provide a great and exciting basketball season, but to be unable to come to an agreement may be a matter of greed. Many people are asking, How did the salaries of professional athletes get so out of hand?

The NBA players are employees of their respective teams, and owners. So why, you may ask, do they want 53% of all ticket revenues? A 50/50 split is not good enough. They want to make more than their bosses. Overpaid players cut into franchise profits, and hurt the basketball business as a whole. Wizard Rashard Lewis was quoted as saying that. " I'm willing to sacrifice my salary to get a fair deal". In summary, both parties do agree on one fact. Nobody will be making any money, if nobody is playing basketball. It will be interesting to see the final results, and if we will learn anything from this.

 Anita is a Professional Exercise Consultant, and Life Coach. A Certified Fitness Trainer, and a Former National Bodybuilding Champion, who has been in the Fitness Industry for over 20 years. She uses her expertise to conduct fitness clinics and seminars to assist others to work towards their healthy lifestyle goals.

Article Source: [] NBA Lockout - Check Out What Is Next For NBA's Highest Paid Players


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