Monday, March 21, 2011

Minnesota Timberwolves and the Kevin Garnett Era

By []Freddie Brister

 It is rare that a player is able to make the jump from High School all the way to the NBA. Ask any coach and they will tell you it is almost unheard of. The players that do decide to make the jump, are often times consumed by the NBA mega-machine and then tossed aside like a worn-out jockstrap. This situation rings true for the majority of those who make the attempt; the exception to the rule is Kevin Garnett. Garnett alone has not only been able to survive his leap to the pros but took the momentum all the way to stardom.

Garnett made this transition and showed that it is possible to make this jump and at the same time still have a successful career. Many people are not quick to call a player a breakout star when it comes to the NBA especially those who skip the college level. This as a result had Kevin Garnett at a disadvantage to begin with. This was going to make the climb to the top for Garnett a lot harder than it would have been with the middle step. Nonetheless it was his determination that allowed him to still become a dominant force in the NBA.

The first few seasons in the league were not easy for Garnett. He struggled to adjust to the changes that he was experiencing. These changes are what led the team to consider trading him. However there were sunny days on the horizon for Garnett and the Timberwolves. 1996 saw the addition of a couple of new players that helped to complement Garnett and improve the shooting percentage of the team. This was just the kick in the butt that Garnett and the Timberwolves needed to reach the playoffs for the first time. This trio was the leading reason the team had a record three back-to-back appearances in the NBA playoffs.

 This gave the confidence to Garnett that he had lacked for so long before going to the playoffs. The following seven seasons would see the Timberwolves going to the playoffs and making a strong stand many times. In the end though it was not until he went to Boston that he would taste the glory of an NBA Championship.

Traded to the Celtics in 2007, Garnett remains a fan favorite among many in Minnesota. He was a rock of consistency when the team had little else going for it, and was a part of their only true period of success. This success is something for which most fans of Minnesota will always be grateful. This is one reason why no matter where he plays ball at, Kevin Garnett will always at heart be a Timberwolves.

Writer and editor, Freddie Brister, is a former high school coach. Check out his []Arizona Diamondbacks Watch or his []Atlanta Braves Watch

Article Source: [] Minnesota Timberwolves and the Kevin Garnett Era

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