Thursday, December 16, 2010

Showtime Era of Lakers

  Showtime Era refers to a time period in the (NBA) over which the Los Angeles Lakers won five championships. The Lakers team of the 1980s has been labeled a dynasty by basketball fans and analysts alike. Coached by Pat Riley and lead by 6'9” point guard, Earvin “Magic” Johnson this team combined solid defensive principles with a fast break offense to produce a style of basketball that both entertained Lakers fans and consistently produced wins.
  In the summer of  '79, via a draft pick obtained from the New Orleans Jazz, the Lakers drafted Earvin “Magic” Johnson, a 6'9” point guard who had already then a great potential. That first season Johnson lead a Lakers to an NBA championship.His teammates in that season were  Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Norm Nixon, Jamal Wilkes, and another rookie, Michael Cooper.
  Pat Riley soon took over the coaching duties from Paul Westhead and it was under his direction that the Showtime style flourished. Celebrities from nearby Hollywood soon took notice and joined stalwart fans such as Jack Nicholson and Dyan Cannon at Laker home games.

  During the 1984-85 Season James Worthy and Byron Scott stepped in the squad Worthy, in particular added a new dimension to the Showtime style with his ability to finish the fast break. The post season featured Kareem Abdul Jabbar, at the age of thirty-eight take finals MVP honors as the Lakers beat their longtime eastern conference rivals, the Boston Celtics for another NBA Championship.
 The Showtime Era lasted the entire decade, culminating in back to back championships in 1988 and 1989. By the end of the decade the Lakers had gone to the finals eight times and won five championships.

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